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1:1 Creative Mentoring with Erin

Mentoring with Erin isn’t like a typical coaching program in that there are steps to follow. Think of Erin as your business sounding board. In each session you drive the conversation and Erin works to help you overcome any blocks or issues you may be facing within your business. Not sure what your blocks are? Start the conversation and Erin can help you figure it out.


Struggling with motivation and staying accountable with your goals and work? By having regular consulting sessions with Erin you have those checks and balances as well as someone in your corner to help you along the way.


Each session is held online and recorded for you to refer back to. These are made available to you online to download and are yours forever!

Erin's Zones of Genius

Building a cohesive brand


Managing Multiple Businesses


Work Life Balance in Business


Balancing Mental Health and Business


Helping you Define Your Point of Difference


Scaling a Business


Systems and Processes


Project Management

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