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Space activation. What is it, and how can we help?

Space activation is a term that may seem self-explanatory but it’s something that a lot of business owners still don’t know the meaning of, or how to implement it. Space activation is a way for you to connect with your community in an inventive and exciting way. In simple terms space activation is, well, activating an unused or empty space to create a new experience for the community, allowing you to connect to people and grow your business.

What spaces can be used? Alleyways, empty warehouses, gallery spaces, and many other places that have been sitting as liminal spaces can be turned into vibrant and amazing business-boosting environments. An empty space is the perfect blank canvas to create something magical for your local community to enjoy and experience with you and your business. Once you have this blank canvas it’s time to decide how you want to use it. What is your idea? How can this space be best utilised to make people think of my brand and its essence? Space activation isn’t just limited to utilising empty or disused spaces though. You can also choose to activate an existing space in a different way. Think turning your indie bookshop into an intimate concert venue for emerging artists, a café into an after-hours space for creatives, a yoga studio into a pop-up fashion venue. The sky is the limit!

How can I use space activation to further my business? Communities want to see innovation within their community that directly correlates with that communities needs and interests. By benefiting and entertaining the local community with an exciting event or activity, you, in turn, will become an important part of your community. Space activation’s such as having musicians using your shop front, or maybe even like in Netflix’s “Schitt’s Creek”, having an Open Mic Night in your store itself, can help you boost your local recognition and profit. It gives you an opportunities to engage members of your community who might not interact with your business otherwise, and you can then increase your customer base. Winning!

If you want to go bigger, like having a movie night, art workshops, or quiz night, you need a larger local space to accommodate the activation you want to put on. Amenities and ease of access are important. If your space lacks WiFi, bathrooms, disability access, and parking - you are already behind the 8-ball. Try to scout out spaces with these basics when planning your community activation. In most cases an outdoor space is a great asset. You can set up a completely different interactive place for people to explore, with places for people to sit, talk and take in their surroundings.

Once you’ve activated a space and engaged the community, what does this mean for your business going forward? It means connection and awareness. By involving the community in something that goes beyond just product and profit, you give yourself a place within the local ecosphere. Making yourself a recognisable figure with the people that are your target market. This is one of the biggest aims when creating any form of marketing and promotion.

So, what can Erin Madeley Consulting do to help you? We work with you and local governments to create find spaces that could bring the community together. By booking a consultation with our friendly team, we can help you, step-by-step, in the creation of an amazing space activation that will help you grow within your local community. We can help you to make real connections, and giving the public a true understanding of what you and your business are all about.

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