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Sun-Kissed Steps: Unveiling the Spanish Magic of Avarcas at Sandals and Sunsets

Sandals and Sunsets is a family business that brings the beauty of Spanish Avarcas to Australia. Samantha Downs, the owner of Sandals and Sunsets, started her love for the Avarcas sandals during one of her family vacations to Spain.

Samantha lived in Spain before moving to Australia and loves returning to visit. Sandals and Sunsets was born during one of these trips, when she and her daughter fell in love with Spanish Avarcas sandals. These sandals started as a farmer’s sandal but are now more widely worn. Samantha decided to introduce these sandals to Australia, to help keep her strong connection with her beloved Spain.

These sandals are handcrafted on a small island in Spain and are available in over 40 designs. Sandals and Sunsets also offer a range of handmade leather handbags from India.

Samantha works on her business part time, while parenting three children and working in a casual job to help with ever rising living costs in Western Australia. Samantha's biggest challenge is cash flow, and wanting to buy all the new ranges, especially when new designs are added to the collection for summertime in Spain (we can relate!).

In the future, Samantha plans to head back to Spain to handpick the sandals and explore the possibility of having a holiday home there. She also wants to continue growing her customer base in Australia and hopes to have a physical store where her many repeat customers can touch and feel the products. She also loves having a brick-and-mortar store where her customers can try the sandals because she's not a big fan of online shopping and prefers to touch and feel products before she buys.

Samantha loves Hillarys Boardwalk, the location for the upcoming Mother’s Day Mini-Market, as it is alongside the Indian Ocean in Perth. She finds the market to be well-organised and advertised and finds it enjoyable to see mothers and daughters shopping together and getting excited about her shoes and bags.

You can find Sandals and Sunset, at Hillarys Boardwalk Mother’s Day Mini-Market. The market will be held on the 6th and 7th of May from 10 am to 4 pm. We recommend getting your hands on some of their beautiful Avarcas or handmade leather bags.

Head over to Sandals and Sunsets for more of their products on their website at:

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