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How To Support Local Businesses

Updated: Apr 1, 2022

During the uncertain times we live in, it has never been more important to support your local businesses. With lockdowns, restrictions, and overall trepidation about what is to come, we need to help those small business owners making a go of it in our local community. We here in Perth have been extremely lucky over the course of 2020 and 2021, but many local businesses were affected. so how can you help? Well, the answer is simple: buy local.

When we say “local business” what kind of businesses does that include? Anything within your suburb! Or even just small businesses within Perth. This can be anything from the coffee shop around the corner, the local Chinese restaurant, local musicians and artists, and your mum and dad store owners. Businesses that would not be considered local are chains, overseas companies with storefronts, or online shops that ship (often with extortionate delivery fees) to Australia.

Where should you look for your next go-to local business? There are many places to look for your next gem; from your main street, shopping complex or the incredible local markets we get to enjoy all around Perth. One of the best and most notable markets that draws in so many incredible creators and crowds is Perth Makers Market. Held in the south-central location of Applecross, the makers market is the perfect place to find all your new favourite handmade goodies. With stallholders showcasing products from fashion and jewellery, to candles and glassware, you can even find delicious food and some incredible music too! And when you find someone at the market that you love, and can’t wait for the next one to buy more from them you will find that many creators have online shops on sites like Etsy that allow you to order from them year-round!

How can you help? Whether it’s ordering a Friday night takeaway, going out for a family dinner, or going to your local farmer’s market there is a lot you can do, for a variety of different local businesses. With COVID-19 affecting so many businesses, buying a coffee from your local café is a small but meaningful thing you can do during your morning run or on your way to work. Tipping is also a great way to specifically help casual staff affected. Buying local produce is also important! In times like these we often forget about the first link in the chain, our farmers, by going to local grocers and farmers markets to buy fresh fruit, veg and other essentials you are boosting our local producers, and fewer people will have handled your food…

Don’t forget how many online options there are to help support your local businesses, whether it is buying products online, or gift cards to use in-store later, or just simply sharing their posts with your friends and family on social media. A post or comment hyping up a product or service you love can do the world of good to all those amazing Perth business people trying to get through a very tough period.

Oh, and if you were wondering when the next Perth Makers Market is, you’re in luck! The next market is scheduled for the 22nd of August so be sure to get down and check it out.

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