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Garlic Alchemy: Unleash Your Taste Buds with Black Garlic & Co!

Are you a foodie looking to try out unique and delicious gourmet products? Look no further than Black Garlic & Co! Founded by Julian, and run together with his wife Dionne, who was inspired by his childhood memories of his grandparent's farm in Barossa Valley, the business offers a range of products infused with the unique flavour of aged black garlic.

What is aged black garlic you ask? Well, Julian was looking for a way to preserve garlic when he discovered the notoriously difficult-to-preserve black garlic. After much experimentation and hard work, he was able to perfect the process of slow-cooking certified organic garlic from the Margaret River Region. Which takes an entire month!

The result? A unique and delicious flavour that has now been infused into a range of products, including balsamic vinegar, Jarrah honey vinegar, cherry vinegar, and goji berry vinegar.

But that's not all - Black Garlic & Co also offers savoury pastes infused with black garlic, fresh herbs, spices, as well as an aged black garlic cherry paste that combines their balsamic infusion, fresh cherries, and (of course) black garlic. Their savoury pastes use 14 local ingredients, fresh herbs and spices and Jarrah honey as well as the black garlic.

On top of their business, Julian works full-time in Occupational Health and Safety. His wife Dionne takes care of the day-to-day operations at Black Garlic & Co on a full-time basis, and puts on multiple hats to keep the business running. As with any small business, they have faced their fair share of challenges, with cash flow being their biggest obstacle. The hours can be long and the jobs never-ending, but they love bringing black garlic to Perth and to the Southwest.

These challenges haven’t stopped them from pursuing their goals for the future. They plan to release two new black garlic products, expand their range of aged black garlic products to Singapore and the East Coast, and eventually set up their own farm.

What is truly admirable about Black Garlic & Co is their passion for their products and commitment to their local community. They love meeting people at markets and always receive positive feedback for their delicious products, which motivates them to keep pushing forward. So, the next time you are in the mood for something unique and delicious, be sure to check out Black Garlic & Co's range of gourmet products. Trust us, your taste buds will thank you!

They live in Sorrento, minutes away from the location of our next Market at Hillarys Boardwalk. They will be at the two day Hillarys Boardwalk Mother’s Day Mini-Market, on the 6th of May, from 10 am to 4 pm and get some of their delicious black garlic goodness!

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