As part of Perth Makers Market we run a series of workshops aimed at helping handmade small business owners further their business. These can include teaching them skills they then apply to their business to grow, or can include helping them to run their own workshops to teach their crafting skills to others.

Can't see a workshop you're interested in? Have a skill that you'd like to learn that we don't currently offer? Get in touch with us and let us know!

To see what workshops we currently have scheduled or book in please visit our Shop or Facebook Page: Perth Makers Market Workshops.

Our teachers/instructors

Erin Madeley - Perth Makers Market

With a background in corporate Emergency Management Training Erin has experience teaching adults content.


Having run both her own handmade business and now Perth Makers Market Erin has a wealth of knowledge to share with the handmade community on how to grow their business. 

When not running Perth Makers Market, Erin is hosting her radio show Makers Market Scene on Boss Mode Radio, attending markets and raising two rambunctious boys.

faiza imran - Lush Letters Studio

Faiza Imran of Lush Letters Studio is a regular on Perth wedding scene creating beautiful lettering for many an occasion.

Lush Letters Studio are a calligraphy and design studio specialising in stationery and paper decor for weddings and special events.

Danielle Matthews - Ruby Sew Oh

Danielle Matthews is the owner and maker behind Ruby Sew Oh - a handmade embroidery shop that has been running since 2013. 

Danielle and lives in Perth, Western Australia with her husband and their gorgeous little girls, Ruby and Eva. She work part-time as an environmental planner and enjoys sewing in her spare time. She especially loves to create embroidery hoop art and after having run her own handmade business doing exactly that since 2013 she is certainly now an expert and loves to teach others her passion.

Kylie Pearson - Marlee & Me Creations

Kylie of Marlee & Me Creations is a Perth local who has a passion for handmade which was stemmed from her initial creation of a sun catcher made for her daughter. Kylie quickly turned to trying a variety of things such as beaded serving sets, boho inspired jewellery, soy candles using pure essential oils and Kokedamas.

Kylie has been a part of the handmade scene in Perth since 2016 and has started teaching her skills to other creative minded people through workshops.

Ania Azarenko - portraitist

Ania Azarenko fell in love with drawing from a very young age – Drawing people clothes for dolls and magazines; which as many children do she would proudly give to her parents. After dabbling in this thought-out childhood, she gained her qualification in art university in her country of Origin, The Ukraine.


Since that time utilising her knowledge of proportions, colour-matching, and history of art, her work has focused on people and portraiture. Her work extends over Europe and can be found on wall murals, in shops, kindergartens, schools as well as commissioned family portraits, and illustrations for restaurant menus.


Now based in Perth you can find Ania at Markets, drawing quick portraits of, visitors or sharing this knowledge in The Perth Makers Market Workshops!

Shannon Bush - Creative Possibility

Shannon Bush (of Creative Possibility) has a singular purpose – to bring effortless success to business. But how she delivers her unique method of coaching is diverse, inventive, and consistently refined in line with each individual client or business she serves.

Combining over 20 years of coaching, mentoring, educating, and consulting
along with a childhood spent in keen observation of family business machinations gives her a unique perspective and empathy for small business owners.


At the core, her own small business, Creative Possibility, provides innovative business coaching and strategy to her clients to learn new skills, identify challenges, gain clarity, and confidently create success. She’s a big picture business liberator with the specific gift of honing in on the small details – the best mix.

Carina Burress - The Perspective Board

Carina Lee is a well established business Coach & Trainer and the founder of The Perspective Board. Carina started off her career for a large international business in a learning and development capacity this along with studies in Sociology Anthropology and her natural love of life lead her to wanting to help people make their 9 - 5's (or variants there of) the best they can be. She has gone back to her roots of youth education with The Life Ready Warrior as she believes this is where positive mindset begins.

When she's not coaching and training Carinas work life balance includes travelling and experiencing all that life has to offer and hanging out with gorgeous niece and nephew. 

Tara Mowatt - Ruby Lights

Tara from Ruby Lights is a master of her craft. Tara is the creator, candle maker, and ideas generator behind Ruby Lights.


Tara is also the mum of 2 little ones, Mr T and Miss R who also join in on the fun and making sometimes!

Kate Fitzpatrick - Lorna & Lila Macrame

Kate, the artist behind Lorna and Lila, creates beautiful handcrafted macramé works, often using natural materials and wood. 

Having taken her love and passion behind macrame and turned it into a business in 2015 Kate has all the skills to teach you how to make beautiful creations of your own.

Hannah Katarski - Mermaid's Coin

Hannah Katarski is from Mermaid’s Coin. Hannah is a master of her art, an illustrator and printmaker, living in Melville, Western Australia. She creates ocean inspired artwork that is vibrant, retro and fun.


Through her business Mermaid's Coin, she captures and celebrates the coastal lifestyle of WA. Hannah has worked in the Cultural Sector for many years and also holds a Graduate Diploma in Education.

Madison Gracie - Ebony & Ivy + Perth Makers Market

Coming from generations of entrepreneurs, it was no surprise that at 16 years old Madison started her first business. What started off as a small jewellery brand quickly turned into over 20,000 followers on social media, national stockists, countless photoshoots and over $100,000 turned over in one financial year. After selling that first business the age of 18, Madison has focussed her knowledge of social media and public relations into growing her macrame business Ebony & Ivy, as well as assisting other small-business owners.


Having run several handmade businesses and participated in countless markets in Perth, Madison understands how important it is to stand out from the crowd within the handmade community, and she can help you achieve that by creating a custom social media plan.

Jay Crisp Crow - Crisp copy

Jay Crisp Crow is a business owner, messy mother, handmade lover, and ex-showgirl who used to sing on the back of monster trucks before having children and getting ‘sensible’. She spent far too many years working in private school communications believing she couldn’t make a living as a writer before having an epiphany and taking her own gig on the road.


She somewhat surprised herself by becoming a multi award-winning copywriter, editor, and copy coach working with brands and business people around the globe. Building an incredible career based on the art of writing words that sell, Jay has turned her love of stories and people into something she never thought possible – a sustainable, thriving business. She regularly teaches, presents, and speaks in Perth and online on everything copy and words.

For a lifetime Jay believed she wouldn’t be able to make a living as a writer. She is thoroughly enjoying disproving that prediction.

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