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Makers Market Scene is a weekly radio show on the online streaming platform, Boss Mode Radio. Boss Mode Radio is a station that focusses on bringing shows to listeners that help them with their business. With music as well as show that teach you skills to apply to your business, this 24 hour platform is one that everyone should be listening to.

Makers Market Scene is a show that focuses on handmade businesses. Every week I interview a maker/gallery curator/influencer/expert and learn their story. We share our guests Top 5 Tips each week and let you know what's happening in the world of handmade here in Perth in the coming weeks. 

If you have suggestions on who you would like us to interview, questions you would like answered or events you want us to know about (or for us to attend) - please get in touch!

show 20 with Ebony & Ivy (aired 13/08/2018)

Madison Gracie is a talented creative and makes beautiful macrame creations under her brand Ebony & Ivy, which is her second handmade business. After starting her first handmade business at just the age of 16, Madison sold her business at 19 and has moved on to different creative pursuits.

Between managing social media for Perth Makers Market, being a Brand Ambassador for Black Swan and running her own handmade business Ebony & Ivy, Madison is a force to be reckoned with and a font of knowledge.

Show 21 with Ebony & Ivy - Makers Market Scene
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show 21 with Sophie Mahir (aired 06/08/2018)

In 2017 Sophie officially re-launched her professional art career after a 9-year gap. During her gap she ran a successful coaching business both on and offline helping start-ups to grow a sustainable business. After travelling and working around the world (fashionably called a Digital Nomad), she landed in Perth, Australia and is studying, and in my ‘spare time’ have set up a new part-time Art Business.


Using all my previous qualifications, skills and experience, Sohpie run a Meet-up called Perth Arts | Business Development For All Artists. She has also launched her business; ‘Artists Marketing Academy’ – both of which help fellow artists and creatives to get great at their marketing, Social Media; and set up an Art Business doing what they love.

Show 21 with Sophie Mahir - Makers Market Scene
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show 20 with In.cube8r (aired 30/07/2018)

Elle-May took over in.cube8r in Feb 2015 after 10 years in a rewarding career in charity fundraising. She was ready for a change and up for the challenge of running her own business when in.cube8r came into her world.

Since arriving Elle has transformed in.cube8r and given it new life, adding the exhibition and workshop space and reinvigorating the online elements of the business. She has formed bonds with many of her clients and enjoys watching them grow their businesses as time passes.

Show 20 with In.Cube8r - Makers Market Scene
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show 19 with Healing Art of Jyoti McKie (aired 23/07/2018)

Jyoti McKie is an artist with an international reputation. She studied art and sculpture at Homerton college, Cmbridge, U.K. She taught art in London prior to moving to Scotland in 1972 where her work as an artist began in earnest. Whilst living and painting on Scotland she exhibited widely and also pioneered work in art therapy. In 1987 she immigrated to Australia where her art took on a fresh and piowerful dimension. 

Jyoti's versatility and skill as an artist shows a range of subject matter including landscape, figurative and abstract work.

Show 19 with Jyoti McKie - Makers Market Scene
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show 18 with Baked by Erica (aired 16/07/2018)

Baking has always been an enjoyable experience for Erica, especially when what comes out of the oven is actually edible! Over the years, friends, family and work colleagues (She once flew to work with a suitcase packed with cookies and cookies only) who have been on the receiving end of my baked goods encouraged her to open up her own little baking shop. After several wedding cakes, birthday cakes, muffins, cupcakes, cheesecakes, cookies, etc, She finally listened!


Always a scary venture but here we are today with Baked by Erica.

Show 18 with Baked by Erica - Makers Market Scene
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show 17 with Bec Bartell - Mixed Media Artist (aired 09/07/2018)

Rebecca Bartell is a talented painter who doesn't discriminate between art mediums. Acrylics, Watercolours, Ink, Texture Pastes, Metallics, Soft Pastels and Airbrushing are just some of the materials that are in regular use in her studio and she loves how the mixing of mediums can bring life to my creations.

​Bec's art is based on the World of Plants and Animals as she finds nature to be fascinating. The colours in Nature are limitless and allow for continuous possibilities in her Paintings, Rebecca is inspired everyday by how amazing Mother Nature is.

Show 17 with Bec Bartell - Makers Market Scene
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show 16 with Driftwood Elements (aired 02/07/2018)

Julie Scanlon is a maker of gorgeous sun catchers through her business Driftwood Elements. She makes mobiles, suncatchers or wall hangings  from beach-combed driftwood, fragments of seaglass, shells and coral. To these she add beads, semi-precious stones and pearls.


Julie works organically, looking at the lines and hues of the wood, or starting with a beautiful shell or stone and creating the mobile from that starting point.

Show 16 with Driftwood Elements - Makers Market Scene
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show 15 with Ruby LIghts (aired 25/06/2018)

Tara Mowat is the creator, candle maker, ideas and maker behind Ruby Lights. Tara is mum of 2 little ones, Mr T and Miss R who also join in on the fun and making sometimes!

In addition to her deliciously scented candles Tara also creates essential oil blends and runs workshops so you can learn to make candles of 

Show 15 with Ruby Lights - Makers Market Scene
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show 14 with The Purist collection (aired 18/06/2018)

Emily is from The Purist Collection and makes naturally therapeutic products for body, home and soul with the intention of helping as many women as possible. Inspired by nature and natural therapies (particularly naturopathy, herbal medicine and aromatherapy), hand makes natural skincare, herbal teas, and candles.


It’s exactly why Emily utilises her naturopathic knowledge (she's almost finished her Bachelor of Health Science in Naturopathy) to make sure that her products actually WORK – they’re all infused with therapeutic medicinal herbs, and formulated with specific ailments in mind.

Show 14 with The Purist Collection - Makers Market Scene
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show 13 with The Little Crafthouse (aired 11/06/2018)

Nicole is the owner of The Little Craft House, a craft supplies store located in Maddington, WA. She operates her business full time with her husband John. 


Nicole is passionate about all things crafty and creative, and has been a part of the handmade market scene for the last 14 years, both as a stall holder and providing workshops. Her classes are fun, creative and welcoming for all levels of crafting experience. 

Show 13 with The Little Craft House - Makers Market Scene
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show 12 with Studio Peppercorn (aired 04/06/2018)

Studio Peppercorn is the adventures of creative scientist, Serena O'Neil.


Serena creates unique handmade jewellery is using polymer clay and a Japanese metal folding technique, resulting in one-of-a-kind vibrant jewellery.

In addition to her handmade jewellery business Serena is also a virtual assistant, a mum and a body language coach.

Show 12 with Studio Peppercorn - Makers Market Scene
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show 11 with Erin Madeley (aired 28/05/2018)

Erin Madeley is the brains behind Perth Makers Market. She is a maker, a mum, a trainer, a radio host and an entrepreneur. 

Having run both her own handmade business and now Perth Makers Market Erin has a wealth of knowledge to share with the handmade community on how to grow their business. 

Show 11 with Erin Madeley - Makers Market Scene
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show 10 with The Perspective Board (aired 21/05/2018)

Carina Lee is a well established business Coach & Trainer and the founder of The Perspective Board. Carina started off her career for a large international business in a learning and development capacity this along with studies in Sociology Anthropology and her natural love of life lead her to wanting to help people make their 9 - 5's (or variants there of) the best they can be. She has gone back to her roots of youth education with The Life Ready Warrior as she believes this is where positive mindset begins.

Show 10 with The Perspective Board - Makers Market Scene
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show 9 with Cube 21 (aired 14/05/2018)

The creators behind Cube 21 are a husband and wife team, Peter & Isa, working together on creating contemporary designed interior décor, gifts and gorgeous treasures for all those special occasions that we love to celebrate.

They have been making original customised laser cutting gifts for a while, before the decision of transforming their hobbies into business which they did back in 2015.

They specialise in wood, acrylic, metal and ceramic engraving. All products are designed and made from their home here in Perth. 

Show 9 with Cube 21 - Makers Market Scene
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show 8 with Natural Products by Theresa (aired 07/05/2018)

Theresa Emden is the creator behind Natural Products by Theresa. Her products are handmade in Perth, Western Australia and designed to promote healthy hair and skin. The main attributes of my products are that they are Sulfate-free, Paraben-free and Silicone-free. Unless otherwise stated I use 100% pure essential oils for fragrance and preserving purposes. I also stock natural alternatives and accessories that compliment my products. These are mostly natural alternatives to everyday beauty, accessories such as 100% silk scarfs, bath loofahs, eco toothbrushes, pumic foot scrubs etc.

Show 8 with Natural Products by Theresa - Makers Market Scene
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show 7 with Jana Braddock (aired 30/04/2018)

Jana Braddock is an Australian visual artist and curator with over ten years’ experience. Jana's main professional focus is contemporary art and public engagement. After beginning her career in South Australia and completing her Masters in Visual Arts, Jana moved to Perth to further extend her career, both as an artist and curator.

Jana was recently the recipient of the Gordon Darling Foundation grant for Domestic Travel. This grant will enable her to visit 12 leading Australian arts institutions in four different Australian cities, this trip will help to influence the future direction of Heathcote Cultural Precinct.

Show 7 with Jana Braddock - Makers Market Scene
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show 6 with The Tea Crowd (aired 23/04/2018)

Jodie Millhouse is the brains behind The Tea Crowd. Based in Perth, Western Australia, our tea and tisanes are hand blended with real ingredients with good vibes and great taste in mind. No fake flavours here - we're all about the good stuff. We've sourced the best ingredients, had a whole lot of fun in the kitchen experimenting with different flavours and now we want to share them with fellow steepers. 

Show 6 with The Tea Crowd - Makers Market Scene
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show 5 with claire tincey designs (aired 16/04/2018)

Claire Tincey is a watercolour artist based in Perth who loves painting bright, colourful things that remind her of summer. Claire has been running her own small business from early 2016 and has managed to turn this into her full time job! In addition to her business Claire Tincey Design, Claire is the brainchild behind C + Co which is an artisan store based in the Fremantle markets as well as occasional other pop ups around Perth.

Show 5 with Claire Tincey Designs - Makers Market Scene
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show 4 with awaken the toys (aired 09/04/2018)

Deliah Boni in an artist based in Perth, Western Australia. Once a web & graphic designer now a multi-tasker extraordinaire, kick ass negotiator and kid-wrangler.

Creating custom toys from kids artwork is only one part of Awaken the Toys. The heart of Awaken the Toys is the line of toys dubbed The Abby & Lee Collection, dedicated to her children. This line of toys are a combination of Deliah's own designs and the input of my small humans. 

Show 4 with Awaken the Toys - Makers Market Scene
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show 3 with Lark and owl (aired 02/04/2018)

Amy & Dom Frisulli of Lark & Owl make unique home wares, furniture and hand-poured vegan candles in Perth, Western Australia.

Involved in the timber industry for over 20 years, their love and passion for Australian made furniture has grown into owning their own business selling quality hand-made products. The market is flooded with imported furniture which may be cheap, but at what cost to the environment? By shopping with Lark & Owl you can rest assured it is made in WA with timber from a sustainable source.

Show 3 with Lark & Owl - Makers Market Scene
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show 2 with Delish Ice (aired 26/03/2018)

Our journey started in Margaret River with just one little van (in dire need of TLC) and a girl called Katie concocting ice pops in her parents’ kitchen. Since then we’ve grown and blossomed into the passionate purveyors of pops we are today. Now based in Perth, Delish Ice has two distinctive vintage vans – Poppy (the original) and Hemingway (her debonair companion, who also moonlights as a mobile vintage bar). We also have a fleet of cute-as-a-button pop carts that pedal their way around Perth and the South-West, delivering delicious icy goodness to all and sundry.

Show 2 with Delish Ice - Makers Market Scene
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show 1 with Erin Madeley (aired 19/03/2018)

Erin Madeley is the brains behind Perth Makers Market. In 2018 she joined Boss Mode Radio as a host of my new radio show, Makers Market Scene. On this weekly show she chats to makers, artists, gallery curators, members of Etsy and share their stories. Each week we have a Top 5 Tips to share that you can apply to your handmade/arts business and we let you know where you can find handmade each week. Whether that's at markets, gallery openings or workshops. 

Show 1 with Erin Madeley - Makers Market Scene
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