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Individual Services

Here at Erin Madeley Consulting we love working with small business owners to help them grow their business. We can help you achieve your business goals in a variety of ways. Not sure where to start? Why not book a 1:1 session with us so we can run through your business and help set some goals.

Education and growth are important for every small business owner. Our goal is to help you educate yourself so that you can grow a sustainable business. 

Our team have a wealth of knowledge and love to educate the creative community either through hosting a workshop in house, or coming to your community to educate.


Social Media Audit Services

Have all your social media set up on Facebook and Instagram for your business but not sure if you are doing the right thing?


Don’t want to hand over control of your social media to an external source but want to check you are on the right track or where you can improve your work? We can help with our social media audit services! 


We will review your existing social media and provide a report with our findings, including recommendations on improvements you can make.

Want to learn more? Get in touch to have us send you our service guide.

Erin Madeley Consulting

Book yourself in for a personalised consultation with Erin Madeley, Founder & Director of Perth Makers Market and Erin Madeley Consulting as well as Director of Perth Upmarket, Wedding Upmarket and Art Upmarket.


Having a background as a handmade business owner, and running multiple successful businesses, Erin is a wealth of knowledge when it comes to small business - particularly within the creative community, event organisation and place activation. With experience in all aspects of small business, as well as growing a brand from the ground up, Erin can help provide guidance and direction for your business, or be a sounding board for new ideas. 


Social Media Content

Sick and tired of spending hours trying to figure out content for your social media? Or to spend hours taking pictures you're not happy with? Or do you need some video content that you can share? We can help!

Get in touch with the team to chat about what your needs might be and we can help you out.

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