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Erin Madeley Consulting are all about supporting local business and community through our services. We can help you with events as well as individual services for your small business.


EMC was founded by Erin Madeley to help bring events to life and support small business growth.

“…organises everything so efficiently and with a great heart…” – Ruth Hanham

We know so many people who have fantastic ideas, enthusiasm for places, and goals they want to achieve but no idea how to get there. We love working with these people to help take away the frustrations and bring your ideas to life. Whether that is through launching your own brand, polishing your social media, perfecting your product photos or bringing your vision for an event to fruition – that is was we love! We can help take that moment of feeling paralysed with indecision over where to start away, so that you can get back to the day to day parts of your business that you love without the stress.

“…with Erin at the helm, her team of dedicated people makes life very easy…” – Sue McDonald

“Thanks Erin and co for another well organised event! Had a great day and met new customers and stallholders!" – Anne Bramoulle